“...the capitalist class knows that there are certain things that it cannot afford to have shown. It is afraid of some pictures ....”

Sam Brody in The Daily Worker, May, 1930

Sam Brody at Fordel Films
(Fordel Films)

Sam Brody was a founding member of the Workers Film and Photo League, an independent organization founded in 1931 to produce and present films documenting the Great Depression from a Marxist perspective. He is also known for his work as a photographer and film critic, and for his relationship with New York City painter Alice Neel.

This site is the only authorized archive of Brody's films, photographs and writings. It includes interviews and material related to the depression-era left-wing movement, as well as the Alice Neel controversy.

Sam Brody

Mp3 audio excerpt from a 1977 panel discussion on the Hollywood blacklist. 8 mins., 36 secs. The full panel included Sam Brody, Abraham Polonsky (labor organizer, writer, and filmmaker), Edward Biberman (artist and anti-fascism activist), and Emil Freed (Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research). Presented as part of a retrospective on the blacklist period at the Los Feliz Theater in Los Angeles, likely on May 1, 1977, along with a screening of "Forces of Evil" (1948). The full panel recording can be found at http://archive.org/details/pra-KZ0377.02 as part of the Pacifica Radio Collection on archive.org.


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