Interviews and More


Samuel Brody Interview: The Camera as a Weapon in the Class Struggle by Tony Safford. (1977.) On the website of Jump Cut, a Review of Contemporary Media.


Sam Brody Interview by Judy Pomer. (1987-Old Saybrook, CT.) with off screen interjections by David Platt. 20 mins., 39 secs. (Quicktime streaming video-Broadband recommended.)

Sam Brody/David Platt Interview by Judy Pomer. (1987-Old Saybrook, CT.) 35 mins., 31 secs. (Quicktime streaming video-Broadband recommended.)

Mp3 audio excerpt from a 1977 panel discussion on the Hollywood blacklist. 8 mins., 36 secs. The full panel included Sam Brody, Abraham Polonsky (labor organizer, writer, and filmmaker), Edward Biberman (artist and anti-fascism activist), and Emil Freed (Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research). Presented as part of a retrospective on the blacklist period at the Los Feliz Theater in Los Angeles, likely on May 1, 1977, along with a screening of "Forces of Evil" (1948). The full panel recording can be found at as part of the Pacifica Radio Collection on